Scotty (a twelve-year-old whose main hobby is the love of boy scouts) gets punched by the class bully as he returns from school. Frustrated by the city life, Scotty pleads with his mother to allow him and his younger sister to go to the mountains with their grandparents on the weekends. Scotty’s mother agrees and calls the grandparents’ house. Their Uncle Joey answers the phone and makes arrangements to drive down and pick up the kids the following morning. After picking up the kids, Joey convinces them to go on a weekend camping trip to the mountains with him and some of his college friends. Joey explains to the kids it's not an ordinary camping trip: this one is centered around War Games. The War Games are played using an advanced type of paint guns. The main objective is to take out the opposing team and then compete against one another until one person is left and captures control of the yellow flag. The close group of six college misfits call themselves Weekend Warriors are lead by Wesley, a dark and devious person with a violent streak of jealousy. Joey assures Wesley and the rest of the group that the kids will not get in the way. After a wild night of partying, it is now time for the war games to begin. Before Wesley leaves his tent, he questions his girlfriend Lisa about the scratch marks on her back. Lisa, terrified, tells Wesley that during last night’s party, Joey raped her. Wesley is enraged and goes to Joey's tent to confront him but finds Joey's tent empty. Joey had left early to prepare for the war games. The War Games rage on throughout the day. After a long day of War Games, there are only two warriors left: Wesley and Joey. With cat-like reflexes, Joey takes the first shot as Scotty as his little sister Jamie watches from the hillside above. Joey's shot hits Wesley in the chest. He screams with excitement as he realizes the yellow flag is his. Joey's excitement turns to disbelief as Wesley pulls a real gun from his coat pocket. He points the gun at Joey and pulls the trigger. Horrified, the kids watch as they witness Joey's body fall to the ground where he then lies lifeless. Scotty pulls Jamie down on the ground beside him as he realizes the severity of their life-threatening situation. Wesley is unaware of the kid's hidden presence as he convinces the rest of the group to go along with his plan to eliminate the kids. Scotty grabs Jamie's hand as they begin to run as they begin to run for their lives through the thick mountain forest. One of the group members stumbles upon Jamie hidden beneath a pile of leaves. He pulls out his long hunting knife and thrusts it through the leaves towards the terrified little girl. In an act of bravery, Scotty comes out of nowhere and pushes the attacker down an embankment. The attackers’ violent roll is stopped when his head hits silently on a large rock which protrudes from the creek bank below and he is killed instantly. The two frightened kids run deeper and deeper into the forest of the unknown. The group finds the body of their fallen brother. Their revenge boils deep within the tightly-knit group. The hunt intensifies as what started out as a game of survival has now turned into a desperate fight for life. Will the killers track down and dispose of the two young witnesses? Will the wildlife play an important role in the kids fight for life and will they be able to survive in the untamed wilderness?

Weekend Warriors