Alan sits quietly by the fireplace reading a classic novel.  He pauses and takes two slow slips of red wine from his glass.  As he continues drinking, the phone rings, breaking the silence.  He answers the phone and to his surprise, he hears a voice that he hasn't heard since he was a child.  The voice claims to be his brother Mikey who disappeared thirty years ago.  Mikey reveals intimate details about their childhood that could only be known by him.


Tears fall as they arrange a time and a place to meet.  Emotions run high as Alan and Mikey sit across from each other in a fine Italian restaurant.  Mikey explains to Alan why he ran away and why he had to make it appear that he had drowned in the ocean.  The explanation stuns Alan.


He then explains to Alan what he has done with his life.  Mikey tells him that he has been searching the world looking for lost treasure.  Most recently he had been hired by an investor to find Blackbeard’s lost treasure.  Gold and diamonds weren't the only things the investor was interested in.  He has discovered that some people believe that hidden inside Blackbeard’s lost treasure is a holy relic with unlimited power; and if this relic fell into the hands of this investor, he would use it too wreck havoc upon the earth.


The conversation abruptly ends when the waiter makes his appearance.  After the two order, the waiter exits and Mikey reveals to Alan that he is afraid he is being watched so they speak no more of Blackbeard's lost treasure.  The two leave the restaurant and walk down the boardwalk.


Without warning, shots ring out and Mikey is gunned down.  Alan sits in a pool of blood holding his brother as Alan cries for help.  Mikey slips something into Alan's coat pocket and then takes his last breath.


Days later, Alan receives a phone call.  The caller informs him that they have his daughter and if he wants to see her alive, he must finish his brother’s work.  He is only given three days to find Blackbeard’s lost treasure and the Holy Relic. If he fails, she will die.


The most unlikely of heroes is forced into an adventure of a lifetime.

Treasure Reef