Tommy and his fellow foster kids are up to no good again.  Old Man Weaver’s house is next in line for the kids.  It will be easy:  the car is gone so sneaking in would be no problem at all.  The 1920’s house is creepy, old, and has no electricity.

So on this cold, snowy, wintery night, breaking a window will not be noticed.  Exploring the solitary house with candles that are laid out on tables in the dark makes everything seem even scarier.


A sound of a car pulling up forces them to leave hastily, knocking over a table with candles.  A fire spreads rapidly in the decrepit building.  Old Man Weaver notices the kids leaving his house then the flames licking at the window.   He calls the Fire Department but it is not in time.   His house is fully engulfed and Old Man Weaver tries desperately to put it out.  The Fire Department arrives in time to save Mr. Weaver and extinguish the charred remains of the home he once knew.

The kids are watching closeby and are taken in by the Sheriff for questioning.  The foster parents pick up the kids.   They do not know what to do with them and more specifically, Tommy.   This is not the first time he has had problems and it will not be the last.


Tommy is told about Santa’s Naughty List and his name with the others will be at the top.  All that concerns Tommy is getting his Christmas; without the list, Santa will not know who is naughty or nice.  Everyone gets gifts!
The kids are glued to the TV when a commercial comes on telling them about Santa Claus arriving in town at a placed called Santa Land.  Tommy has a new plan; they sneak out of the house to steal the Naughty List.  Who cares about being caught and grounded even longer?   We cannot lose Christmas!


Peeking through the window of Santa Land and the long line of kids, the gang waits patiently.  The cold does not bother any of them.  Finally, the line is down to nothing.  Tommy looks again and sees Santa Claus close the door and speak a few words.  Tommy can hear the phrase clearly.   A moment passes and the floor opens up and Santa disappears.  No, that is not possible!
Tommy rushes in with the others.  They look everywhere.  No list.  Tommy repeats the words that Santa used and in a flash, everyone is in the North Pole.  Undiscovered, they focus on the task at hand to find and steal the Naughty List.  The stealth-like tactics used by the gang pays off and the list is within their reach.

Unfortunately, the gang is caught and instead of being punished by Santa Claus, they are told the devastating news:  Christmas is dying--unless, they can do something about it.  Why should they help?   What is in it for them?


Santa has to tell them that Christmas will cease to be for everyone, the Hope Sphere is losing its power.  The Hope Sphere holds the spirit of Christmas, the best of mankind, the goodness that everyone has.  Strange and coincidental that an object like that was seen in Old Man Weaver’s house.  What would Old Man Weaver be doing with that?  No time for questions.  Unless the other sphere is found and taken back to the North Pole, then you might as well scratch Christmas off your list, kids!  The gang returns to the town and sneak Old Man Weaver out of the hospital.
They soon discover that Mr. Weaver does not have the sphere.   Where is it? They follow the trail from the house, to the girl, to the pawn shop, and town bully.   Determined to have Christmas now and in the future, the kids are rewarded with the sphere.  It is returned just in time for Christmas and more importantly for the kids, the one wish that they all desired, which is a family.
Santa hoped that the kids would do the right thing and like the Spirit of Christmas would have the one thing that they always wanted, namely parents who actually love, care, and understand them, a Christmas that would change Tommy and the others forever.