Mindy goes to a local petting zoo with her parents and grandmother.  While there, she falls in love with a pony.  In an act of kindness, her grandmother buys the pony for her.  But to Mindy's surprise, this pony isn't like any other pony.  There's something special about it.  Rumors swirl that the pony her grandmother purchased for her could be the key to finding the legendary lost gold. But before she could put the pony to the test, it is stolen by a money-hungry archaeologist.


Mindy and a group of her friends go in search of the pony she loves and the treasure that has been lost in the mountains for hundreds of years.  While on this journey, she will discover many things about the legend, her friends, and most importantly, herself.


Note: We have the locations for this ultra-low budget family film. We also have the food and lodging below cost as well as free filming permits!