All eyes are on Chester as he walks onto the practice field.  He has dreamed for this moment his entire life.  His excitement isn't shared with the rest of the team.  The last thing they want is a slow-footed handicapped boy messing up their football team.  So the players try their best to make it hard on him.


Chester struggles through all the drills and realizes he needs help.  He turns to the school’s tomboy for assistance.  She agrees because she has a personal vendetta against most of the jocks.  She knows by helping him make the football team, it would drive the jocks crazy.


Alex puts Chester through intense training and builds up his muscles and confidence.  After a long day of training, he retreats to the waterfalls behind his house.  He was told by his grandmother that the falls hold special powers.  She informs him that after someone dies, her Indian ancestors used to release their bodies into the falls.  If they believed--with all their heart--the power and magic of the falls and if their spirit was strong enough, they would come back as anything they wanted to be in the next life.


This would be tragically put to the test.


Chester discovers his father murdered his mother and comes up with the evidence to prove it.


Before Chester can get the evidence to the authorities, his father makes a heart-wrenching decision and decides to kill his only son instead of spending the remainder of his life in prison.


Chester’s father, with a gun in hand, takes aim at Chester and fires--not killing, but seriously wounding him.  Chester struggles to his feet and runs into the woods and into the direction of the falls.


What happens next is not only heartbreaking but also amazing.