During the lean times of the 1930’s, Caroline Dorsey and her mother move to a small farming town in Texas.  Unfortunately, the town was in the midst of a horrendous drought.


With no forecast of rain in sight, the townspeople find themselves desperate for a solution.  Within no time, a fascinating rumor swirls throughout the town, giving them all hope.


It’s discovered that the rumors are true:  Caroline Dorsey is the Rain Dancer.  And at this point in her life, she is also in the midst of an all-consuming young girl’s first love.


With the future of the town’s survival squarely on Caroline’s shoulders, she does the unimaginable. However, after many continued weeks of rainfall and no end in sight, the townspeople approach Caroline for an answer but she has none.


The town, once drought-stricken, is now in jeopardy from the unrelenting rainfall.  Panic sweeps into each town member’s heart and mind as they fear losing their homes and possibly their lives.


Through a violent encounter, it is learned that the only way to stop the rain would be to end Caroline’s life.  The people have to make a choice:  whether one innocent girl’s life should be sacrificed in order to save the town.

If the choice were yours, what would you do?

Rain Dancer is a powerful story about a girl’s first love and the ultimate sacrifice one must make for love.