Rob slices through the ice with the Olympic puck at his feet.  With time expiring, thousands of frantic fans rise from their seats.  Rob diverts his attention to the empty chairs where his wife and daughter should be.  Where are they?


At the same time, halfway around the world, the Dorsey family is driving down a winding snow-covered country road.  The Dorseys are listening to the Gold Medal hockey game on the car radio.  They are unaware of the two-ton semi-truck barreling toward them until it's too late.  The horrific events that take place on this day will change both families’ lives forever.


Rob, once the town hero now the town drunk, is faced with an incredible challenge.  The challenge: to teach Annie Dorsey, a spunky, partially-paralyzed eight-year-old girl to achieve her dream of skating even though the whole world believes it to be impossible.   Do dreams come true? You will be surprised at the answers.


Little Flyer is a powerful and uplifting story with plenty of hilarious scenes.  If you like to cheer for the underdog, you will love this movie.