Angel, a cute and mischievous six-year-old girl arrives home from a long day of terrorizing the neighborhood. By her side is her best friend Max, a dog who was recently found and temporarily adopted until the original owner is found.

Angel's dad, Chris, works at the White House as one of the President’s top body guards. Angel's mom, Bella, is a high-ranking government official. Their stress at work is no comparison to the stress they face at home thanks to their newly-adopted daughter, Angel. Angel's parents are at their wits end with her devilish behavior. The solution: threaten her with the knowledge that Santa is watching her every move, in hopes of her behaving. She is told her name is on the “Naughty Girl” list. Meanwhile, at the White House, the President has just vetoed a very popular health bill against his adviser’s wishes. To make matters worse, he is informed that his approval rating is dropping and his competitor in the upcoming Presidential elections has just pulled ahead in the polls. The President calls upon his top political advisers to hatch a plan in order to gain popularity. The President’s advisers focus on the nation’s children in hopes of winning their parents’ approval. The scheme: to visit as many schools as possible with the President dressing up as Santa Claus. A Santa double is to be available at each school to relieve the President after only a short introduction so he can move on to the next location and ultimately, back to the White House. Angel's classmates tease her because she’s adopted and had been passed around various foster families in the past. The children taunt her and say her new family will “give” her up too. The teasing is suddenly cut short by a classroom announcement. The students are informed that Santa will be visiting their school. The wheels are already turning in Angel’s sneaky little mind. She is hatching a plan. How will she get her name off the “Naughty Girl” list?

Ho Ho Ho Mr. President