Fast is a modern day story of three boys who break into an abandoned house and find the secret diary of Billy the Kid.  This incredible story take us on a journey back in time when the West was wild and the open plains where ruled by outlaws. Teenager William H. Bonnie will soon become the greatest outlaw known to man.  What sets him on this path of lawlessness is his first and only love, Cecilia.  This ancient diary unveils a story that has never been told.


The diary reveals why this young boy turns to a life of crime.  It gives us clues as to the location of Billy the Kid's lost treasure.  Light is shed on the mystery surrounding Billy the Kid's last days as an outlaw.

Fast is The Goonies meets Young Guns!


Note:  I shot a short trailer in hopes of giving production companies a small taste of what I'm talking about.  You may recognize two of the actors in the trailer.  One had a lead role in Courageous and the other is on the HBO hit series Eastbound and Down.


What makes this project so intriguing is that it could be done on a very low budget because we have the locations at our disposal for almost nothing.  If you would like, I can send you the links to the Western locations that we have obtained.  One of the main towns is a little town in New Mexico called Bonanza Creek.  You might have heard of it; they shoot a lot of movies there. After meeting with the owner, she told me that she would work with us no matter what the budget is because she loved the story so much.  She said that she has read every story that's been shot at her place and she said that this one is by far the best and she could see it going a long way.