Jesse Adams steps out of her beat-up Fiat and looks at a run-down farm house she hasn't seen in over nineteen years.  Painful memories start to swirl in her mind as she flashes back to that day:  the day of her 8th birthday.  On that day, her parents placed her into a cab, told her that she was to never contact them again, and that she could never come back home.


The words cut like a knife as a tear makes its way down Jesse's cheek.  That moment in time had scarred her.  It changed her from being a playful, happy child into a tough, hardened adult.


Jesse is met at the house by a realtor named Jim Gainey who informs her that since her parents disappeared many years ago, she is the rightful owner to the house and the farm.  She immediately moves in and starts fixing up the house.  It doesn't take long before strange things start happening.  She tells herself that it's just her mind playing tricks on her since she has a history of hallucinations and schizophrenia.


Late one night, Jesse hears a knock on the door and is introduced to Eleanor Cosette LeReoux who is the local gypsy/fortune teller.  The two strike up a friendship and Eleanor tells Jesse that she has the answers she seeks.

Through various card readings and sessions, Eleanor reveals to Jesse what really happened to her parents and why they told her to never come back.  She informs Jesse that her parents were in a Satanic cult and that she was born to be sacrificed on the night of her 8th birthday.  She adds that Jesse's blood is special and it was meant to be used to immortalize a dark demon they worship by the name of Incubus.  Her blood would give Incubus all the power he needed to defeat anyone that stands in the cult's way.


A horrified Jesse must find a way to defeat the spirits and demons which haunt her and avoid capture by the Satanic cult which hungers for power.