Abalus and the Witches Of Balador

At the tender age of fourteen, Celeste Johnson lost the only family she ever knew and was sent to Kenwell Orphanage, located in a small coastal farming town on the outskirts of the Pacific Ocean.


Celeste was assured that it was one of the finest orphanages in the state and that Mrs. Kenwell was a warm and caring lady who valued each and every one of her kids as if they were he own.  The only one she loved more than her kids was her devoted husband Jasper who spent most of his time out at sea working and trying to raise money to keep the orphanage running.


But on July 10, 1939, everything changed:  Mrs. Kenwell received a devastating telegram informing her that the ship her husband was working on had gone down in a storm and all hands were lost.  Heartbroken, she fell into a deep depression and started blaming the kids for this tragedy.


The orphanage quickly transformed from a once-warm and inviting home to a dark and decrepit place.  The house wasn’t the only thing that was deteriorating.  Mrs. Kenwell’s mental state was also affected and the kids were desperate to leave the house of horrors.


So Celeste and a group of kids escaped late one night and ran to a train station in hopes of getting away and starting a better life.  To their dismay, the train station is being watched by the police so their attempt to board the train is foiled.


The kids continue running throughout the night.  They soon come across a pond located in the middle of the woods.  They decide to take a break when a small dark figure is spotted.  They quickly hide and watch as the figure dives into the still water.  And before their eyes, a light begins to radiate in the center of the pond.  The dark figure disappears into the light.


Celeste enters the water against the other kids’ warnings.  As she moves closer, the intensity of the light increases.  She is now being drawn into the center of the pond.  The kids swim to her aid and as they reach her, a brilliant flash is seen and in an instant, the kids are gone.


The group of runaways burst out of the water and look upon a world no human had even seen before.  Unknown to the kids, they had just entered a magical world known as Abalus.  A world filled with wizards, elves, and other mystical creatures.

Celeste and the other kids soon learn that this magical world is on the brink of being conquered by the Witches of Balador who will stop at nothing in order to seize control of Abalus.


The Witches of Balador and the inhabitants of Abalus are in a race to find the Scrolls of Invincibility.  Whatever army possesses these mystical scrolls cannot be defeated.

Celeste and her friends must find a way to stop the Witches of Balador from destroying this mystical world and they must try to find a way back home or be lost in the world of Abalus forever.


Note: The Witches of Balador is the second installment of the trilogy known as “Abalus”. This story explains how Celeste and her friend become trapped in Abalus a year before Zach and the Mud Mud Gang discovers them.