Abalus and the Adventures of The Mud Mud Gang

An old man sits on the edge of the bed preparing to tell a bedtime story to his two grandkids.  Bored with the same old stories, the kids plead for something new.  The grandfather, named Zach, decides that tonight will be different.  He will tell them a story that they have never heard before--a story that not only is incredible but also true.  It is a story of his life and the amazing journey he and his group of childhood friends, known as The Mud Mud Gang, experienced.

When Zach was 12 years old, he was laying in bed when out of nowhere, he heard a voice calling him to the pond which was located less than a quarter mile from the orphanage.  Driven and full of curiosity, he arrives at the crystal clear pond.  The voice continues to call.  He walks fearlessly into the water.  What he sees next amazes him.  The pond begins to radiate a glowing light.  He moves closer and closer into the light.  In a flash, the light disappears, along with Zach.

Zach bursts out of the water but he is no longer in his world.  He now finds himself in a magical world known as Abalus.  And much to his surprise, he is not alone.  He was followed by his friends who call themselves The Mud Mud Gang.

Zach and The Mud Mud Gang embark on an adventure to not only find a way back home but to save an entire world that most people only dream about.

Note: We are completing the third installment of the trilogy entitled Abalus.  Think Lord of the Rings meets Chronicles of Narnia.  The first installment is entitled Abalus and the Adventures of The Mud Mud Gang.  The second one is Abalus and The Witches of Balador.  And the third and final installment is entitled Abalus and the Rise of The Shadow Man.